Urdu Translation Services

We provide professional Urdu translation services across all market sectors and industries including legal, engineering, technical, medical, financial, defence, security and media. Within business the accuracy of a translation is essential and our mother-tongue translators are selected for your project based on their area of experience.

Corporate Translations Services

Corporate Translations Ltd provides a professional Urdu translation service to the companies all over the UK, Pakistan and Western India. As a long-established UK agency we use only the best Urdu linguists that are suited to your industry, whether your requirements are business, legal, financial, defence, IT, intellectual property, technical, medical, media or website translations.

Urdu translation

We employ professional English to Urdu translators who have Urdu as their mother-tongue which ensures accuracy in the translated text. They are skilled in the various dialects across Pakistan and India, are experienced and professional. We ensure our translators are skilled in your market and industry and provide a service that is professional and 100% accurate.

English translation

Translations into English are undertaken by native English speakers who have experience or are educated to a high level in the Urdu language.

About our Urdu Translators

Our Urdu translators have expert knowledge of the linguistic, dialect, cultural and commercial variations throughout Pakistan and Western areas of India. At Corporate Translations Ltd, we only employ experienced, professionally qualified and fully trained Urdu translators.

Our service

We are committed to providing all of our clients the very best, accurate and professional service. Following our translation, a copy will then be forwarded to you by e-mail for you to review and suggest alterations. We will make a point of keeping you informed at all stages of the project, until the approval stage of the translation and/or typesetting service. We can also provide a certified translation service if we required and undertake the process all the way through.

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