Korean Translation Services

Professional Korean translation services from Corporate Translations Ltd. With over 35 years experience in working hand in hand with businesses requiring business documents translated into and from Korean, you can trust us to provide fast, inexpensive and accurate translated documents whatever the market sector or industry your businesses operates in.

Corporate Translations Services

Formed in 1977, we have been providing professional services to businesses in the UK that are expanding their markets into Korea, and for Korean companies looking for high quality translations for the UK and US markets. We pride ourselves in using only the best Korean translators, ensuring that each translator is skilled in the industry or market sector of your business. We have expertise in just about every market and document type including:

English to Korean translation

Our experienced Korean translators are highly skilled linguists. We only use native speaking translators which ensures that we provide translations that are grammatically correct and use the correct business terminology.

Korean to English translation

Our Korean to English translators are native moth-tongue English speakers who are very highly educated and skilled in the source language. They may have been educated in the Korean language and had previously business experience working for a company.

About our Korean translators

Our Korean translators have expert knowledge of the linguistic, dialect, cultural and commercial variations throughout Korea. We select a member of our team for your project who understands your business sector, has experience and who we have confidence in. We are committed to providing all of our clients the very best, accurate and professional services.

We work closely with you

When we have completed the project, our translated copy will be forward to you by e-mail where you can review, suggest alternations or simply approve. We like to work closely with our clients and will  keep you informed throughout the project and are committed to providing you a service that you will be happy with. We can provide additional services including have the translation proof-read, provide certified, legalised and notarised translations and typesetting services.

Below are a selection of other languages we provide our business translation services for: