Bengali Translation Services

We provide Bengali translation services to businesses throughout the UK, Bangladesh and India. Whether you require a translation into or from Bengali, we have the expertise in multiple markets, industries and types of documents to provide your business with a fast, economical and accurate professional service.

Corporate Translations Services

With over 35 years experience, we have been providing professional Bengali translations to companies using mother-tongue translators. Based between London and Cambridge in the UK, we have expertise in many markets and types of documents:

English to Bengali translation

We only use translators who have Bengali as their mother-tongue. Using a target language native speaker ensures the accuracy of the text. We will use a member of the team who will be not only an expert of the language but who will also have knowledge and experience of the type of document and market that the project is based around.

Benagli to English translation

When translating into English we will appoint an English native speaker who would will have expert knowledge and experience in the Source language.

About our Bengali translators

Our Bengali translators have expert knowledge of the linguistic, dialect, cultural and commercial variations throughout Bangladesh and India. At Corporate Translations Ltd, we only employ experienced professionally qualified translators. We are committed to providing all of our clients the very best, accurate and professional services.

Keeping you informed

Following our translation service, we will then forward a copy to you by e-mail or however you prefer. We like to work closely with our clients and will  keep you informed throughout the project. We are also to provide a certified translation service if required.

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Below are a selection of other languages we provide our business translation services for: