What are the European Languages?

Within the European Union, there are officially twenty three recognised languages including the dominant languages of English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. Corporate Translations is a business translation company skilled in translating and typesetting all European languages for business clients.

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The languages of the European Union are languages used by people within the member states of the European Union. They include the twenty-three official languages of the European Union along with a range of others. The EU asserts that it is in favour of linguistic diversity and currently has a European Commissioner for Multilingualism, Leonard Orban.

In the European Union, language policy is the responsibility of member states and EU does not have a common language policy; European Union institutions play a supporting role in this field, based on the “principle of subsidiarity”. Their role is to promote cooperation between the member states and to promote the European dimension in the member states language policies. The EU encourages all its citizens to be multilingual; specifically, it encourages them to be able to speak two languages in addition to their mother tongue. Though the EU has very limited influence in this area as the content of educational systems is the responsibility of individual member states, a number of EU funding programmes actively promote language learning and linguistic diversity. [1]

It should be noted that according to statistics the plurality of EU citizens speaks German, while the absolute majority can understand English and speak German, English, French or Italian as mother languages.

French is an official language common to the three cities that are political centres of the Union: Brussels (Belgium), Strasbourg (France) and Luxembourg city (Luxembourg), while Catalan, Galician and (in the Baltic states) Russian are the most widely used non-recognized languages in the EU.

European Translation Services

Corporate Translations Ltd is a professional translation agency providing services to all European language translation to companies in the UK and throughout Europe. Whether you require your business documents translated to or from English we have use a highly qualified native speaking translators to provide your business with a first class service. We are located between London and Cambridge in England, an ideal location for businesses throughout Europe. Our translators are trusted, professional and qualified mother-tongue native speakers. We ensure we select a translator that has a knowledge and understanding of the business industry that your business operates in. Our translation expertise includes translating the for the the following sectors: business, legal, engineering, financial, technical, medical, stationery and websites.

Some of our key European languages are:

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Our Eruopean typesetting and services cover brochures, business cards, stationery and packaging labels. We have a database of hundreds of fonts and follow your English design layout as much as the script allows

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