PatentĀ Translation Services

Corporate Translations LtdĀ specialises in patent translations and the other intellectual property documents into most modern international languages.

Corporate Translations Services

As a UK based international business translation company, we have over 35 years experience in translating IP documents for clients globally. Patents are highly technical documents that contain precise industry terminology and legal content. It is therefore extremely important to translate patents and other IP related documents using translators that are experienced in doing them.

At Corporate Translations we useĀ specialised patent translators that not only have the technical, legal and IP experience but who also translate into their mother-tongue which would be the target language.

When we translate from English to an international language, we translate into their native mother tongue. When translating into English, we use a native English translator. This process ensures that our services are accurate and use the correct business terminology.

As a professional patent translation agency, we have the skills and experience to provide a first class service to your business. We have hundreds of potential qualified translators on our database and translate into most international language, the most common being:

Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Greek and Polish.

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Below are some examples of the sectors, industries, document types and services we provide translations for: