Media Translation Services

Corporate Translations Ltd are a UK business translation company with expertise working with media clients. We are a professional agency with over 35 years experience translating to business clients globally.

Corporate Translations Services

Media work usually requires a fast and efficient service which we provide. From film scripts, television, the internet, social media, radio, magazines, newspapers, press releases and marketing messages; our media translation service will deliver. Our professional translators are experienced in the media world and are selected for your project based on their background, knowledge, language and experience.

  • Film, TV and radio scripts
  • Social media campaign translation
  • Foreign language print media advertising
  • Translation of foreign video footage
  • Publishing

Corporate Translations are based in Essex between London and Cambridge; ideally located to serve media clients in London and Cambridge as well as across the UK, Europe and worldwide.

As a professional media translation agency, we always use translators that translate into their native language, a service that promotes accuracy and the correct use of terminology in the translated text. Upon request we can provide certified media translations.

Below is a selection of the main languages that we have translated from and to English:

Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Greek and Polish.

For a full list click languages we translate.

Below are some examples of the sectors, industries, document types and services we provide translations for: