About Corporate Translations Ltd

Established in 1977, we have been translating to multiple sectors in almost all modern languages to business clients throughout the UK and worldwide. We translate many languages in house with our trusted fully qualified professional translators.

Arabic Translation Services

Corporate Translations Ltd’s offices are based in Newport, nr. Saffron  Walden, Essex between London and Cambridge. 

Originally we started as a small translation company serving local clients in Central London from our London Office. Due to gaining more customers we expanded into a global translation agency. During this time we have formed a very experienced team of professional translators to cover all modern languages across a range of disciplines and industries. We are specialists in commercial translation, legal translation, economic & financial translation, agricultural translation, medical translation, ITC translation, technical translation, website translation, film script translation and many more. View our Translation Expertise.

We have helped companies such as Cadbury, Pasta Foods, Dunhill, Smythsons and many internationally renowned companies. If requested we provided certified, legalised and notarised translations.

We help clients with any business translation service they require including: business cards, letterheads, brochures, websites and all their project documentations such as Power of Attorneys, Memorandum & Articles of Association to the translation of tenders and agreements.

We are aware that clients require more than accuracy in translation. Our experienced translators and typesetters work quickly to complete projects on time and with precision. We ensure a translator who has an understanding of your market and industry is assigned to the project which ensures the correct terminology is used. We use only mother-tongue native translators.

We are happy to quote (free of charge) for any type of document or language and we are pleased to help you should you have any questions about your project. Please contact us at: info@corporatetranslations.co.uk or go to our contact page.

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