Translation for Business

An international translation service agency for businesses in all major languages specialising in corporate, commercial, legal, economic, medical and financial translations.

  • Getting you message across in the correct language Getting your message across
    For effective business communications in a foreign language, it is vital that not only your message but also your overall image and intentions lose nothing in translation. In order to stay in control, you need to be able to call on a reliable translation specialists with expert knowledge of linguistic, cultural and commercial variations in overseas markets.
  • At Corporate Translations your project is safe in our hands Your project in safe hands
    We are firmly focused on the international business world of the new millennium, investing in the latest technology and the best talent available. This enables us to handle any project entirely in-house, maintaining the highest standards of quality control throughout – from language translation and creative conception to the production of digital files.
  • We translate Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, German, French and over 20 more languages into and from English The target language
    Our translation services cover all the major languages including Arabic,Russian, Japanese, Chinese and all European languages. Within each of these markets, our translation experience also embraces a wide variety of specialised sectors, including: Legal, Commercial, Financial, Technical, Defence, Government, Medical and Academic.
  • Professional business translation services Chosen professional for your project
    Once briefed we select and assign the right people to your translation project. We employ a range of professional translators who are chosen for their mother-tongue fluency and their understanding of the medium and marketplace. Our translators are professional, experienced and well educated to provide first class business translations.
  • Working hand in hand with our clients Working with you hand in hand
    Our philosophy is to work in close association with our clients – and yet at the same time to allow them to take a back seat if they wish, safe in the knowledge that the translation project will be completed in full, on time and to budget.
  • We keep you informed through the translation process Keeping you informed
    Following translation, your text will go to an experienced Proofreader for thorough checking. A copy will then be forwarded to you by e-mail or however you prefer. In fact, we will make a point of keeping you informed at all stages of the project, until the approval stage of the translation and/or typesetting.

Corporate Translations Ltd is a professional translation agency providing business translation services and typesetting services to companies across the UK in multiple markets and industries. As a long established translation company we employ a team of experienced multilingual mother-tongue language translators. Our team have expert knowledge of linguistic, cultural and commercial variations in overseas markets. Our translations can be certified, notarised and legalised if required from the appropriate Chamber, Foreign Office and/or Embassy for the target country.